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Color of the year – dining space with emerald green chairs

Hello dear readers! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday time and you are ready to start new exciting adventures in this coming year. Welcome to my first post in 2013!

This year, just like in 2012, I will continue my weekly Monday column dedicated to presenting inspiring interiors featuring the current color of the year. For 2013 it is emerald, beautiful deep refreshing green chosen by Pantone. Emerald is so much different from last year’s energizing tangerine tango, and I am very excited to analyze spaces with this color. I already have my favorites in emerald green, so stay tuned to hear about my personal picks :) .

dining room emerald chairsI really like this dining area in such a refreshing color scheme. The art arrangement on the wall is a good example of how to decorate a big white space with success. Although the pictures present unrelated motives and are framed differently, there is one common detail that makes this gallery work, namely color. Do you notice repeated hues in the pictures? There are browns, reds, grays, and yellows, which hold the art display together in a harmonious way. A mirror between the  pictures is an unexpected accent that adds a lot of fun to this corner. The visible parts of the white wall make a perfect backdrop for the rich emerald green chairs. I really like the green and yellow glass decor on the table and the green frame, which make for nice finishing touches.

What is your first impression of interiors with emerald green? I would love to hear your opinion!

//Photo credits: Stadshem//

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