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Color of the year – emerald spotted at imm cologne

Dear readers! I was happy to notice at the imm cologne, that emerald is slowly becoming a trendy color, as well. I am saying slowly, because the home furnishing industry picks up on trends with about one year delay compared to fashion. This is not surprising, since people usually change their furniture and decorations less often than clothes. Today, instead of presenting you an interior with emerald green touches, I am inviting you to take a look at six different products that I spotted at imm and which prove that emerald might be a color seen more often in our homes in the coming months. As they say, when something happens once, it’s a phenomenon; when something happens twice, it’s a coincidence, when something happens three times, it’s a trend! So here are my six finds:

  • Beautiful colorful carpet that has some emerald accents. I just love this color combination, so fresh and lively – that would be gorgeous scheme for a bedroom or bathroom! /from KARE Design/

  • Glass vases and jars are becoming my favorite home accessory. I like their delicate see-through structure and the way glass interacts with light. There were many emerald green glass vases that I saw at imm. I am presenting you this one, because I especially liked the color combination with the yellow and orange berries. /from Flötotto/

  • Boca do Lobo, Portuguese company known for beautiful hight-end furniture lamps is offering this season table lamps that have emerald colored base. Apart from the great rich color, I like the geometrical shape of the base. These lamps would look great on a desk or bedside table! /from Boca do Lobo/

  • This carpet has a beautiful pattern, it is so decorative! It reminds me of fresh, spring grass and I think it would look very refreshing in a room that is otherwise kept in light colors, like white, for example. /from KARE Design/

  • Another product, which I liked a lot, was this chandelier made out of used green bottles. In the pictures, in the bottom right corner, can you see a greenish shadow that the chandelier is casting? Beautiful play of light and glass that I would love to see on my walls! /from KARE Design/

  •  Nya nordiska, German manufacturer of textiles, wallpapers and related accessories, showed me their collection of luxurious fabrics, which include emerald green.  I actually like this fabric not only in emerald, but also in other colors that you can see in the picture I took at nya nordiska stand. Isn’t this color scheme just beautiful?  /from nya nordiska/

//photo credits: Magda for nice&nicer//

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  1. Hi Magda, it does seem that green is starting to permeate everywhere. Will take some time for me to warm to green but I do like it in toned down muted shades. Beautiful photos by the way :) xx

    • Thank you, Geraldine. Green was also not my story, but I really like green bottles and vases. These are my favorite items.

  2. I was waiting for these photos! All of them actually since I know how many you took! :)

    Thank you for minding me and looking after me (again) whilst I was in Germany. You are the best x

  3. I think you should just buy yourself a glass emerald green vase cause it’s very obvious you are in love with them :-) When I was in college I had a lot of emerald green accessories. I threw most of it away, but found 2 tealight earlier this week. I paired them with a green wine bottle. A cheap and easy alternative. I’ll blog about it on Monday so head over to my blog if you need inspiration. xxx


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