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Color trends for spring and summer 2013: Dusk Blue

pantone dusk blue fashion pantone dusk blue homeHello Dear Readers, I hope you are all doing well! I do not know about the weather where you live, but whatever is happening outside my windows at my place a far cry from from spring mood. With the fresh snow it just looks like a Christmas-ready winter wonderland. Nevertheless, this does not discourage me from presenting you another favorite color for spring and summer 2013. It is Dusk Blue, which I personally associate very much with summer. Whenever I look at interiors with this color, I think about the clear blue summer sky or seaside holidays. No wonder that light blue is one of the favorite colors for beach houses. I like the serene and relaxing atmosphere it creates in different spaces. Moreover, blue hues like Dusk Blue can be combined with so many other colors: other shades of blue (like for example Monaco Blue, which I presented in this post), white, green, purple, yellow or gold. I can imagine very well a serene bedroom in this color scheme. When it comes to fashion, Dusk Blue is just a perfect color for the warm season. I like it because it has this cooling appearance and looks so great with tanned skin.

Are you a fan of light blue? What is your favorite palette featuring this color?

//fashion: style; home: vases, chair next to a fireplace, living room, bedroom, pillowfabric//

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  1. Yes! I love the name you are giving this hue, I would not have known how to call it. And I like a lot the relation between fashion and decorating. Good job, Magda. Really love it!

    • Dear Gudy, this name was given not by me, but by Pantone :) . It belongs to 10-color palette chosen by Pantone for spring/summer 2013.


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