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Color trends for spring and summer 2013: Grayed Jade

Hello! Do you remember a series of posts about colors, which had been chosen by Pantone for spring and summer 2013? (Emerald, Lemon ZestMonaco Blue, Red Poppy, African Violet, Tender Shoots, Dusk Blue).

pantone colors for ss2013Today I want to continue this column by presenting you Grayed Jade, a color that belongs to the said palette of top 10 colors by Pantone.

fashion grayed jade pantone ss2013Grayed Jade reminds me of the very popular mint color, with the difference that it has some gray undertone (hence the name!). Just like in case of Emerald, the name derives from a gemstone, which is widely used for making jewelry. This is a very calming color, which combines nicely with beige, white, gold and other pastel hues, like pink or yellow. When I look at the interiors in this color, I instantly think about beach and sea. These spaces are full of lightness, air and freshness, don’t you agree? And the dresses in Grayed Jade are a perfect choice for hot summer days and look just amazing on lightly tanned skin!

Are you a fan of Grayed Jade?

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