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Color trends for spring and summer 2013: Nectarine

color trends ss2013 nectarine
color trends ss2013 nectarineHello this Monday! With every week passing by, it is more and more real that spring will finally arrive. If you are a big color fan like me, this post is going to make this waiting for sunny and warm day a little bit brighter. Today I want to introduce you another color from Pantone’s spring summer palette: Nectarine. If you have been following the color trends for some time, you probably know that Tangerine Tango was the 2012 color of the year. Very vibrant and energetic, it was a hue that called for attention – and, no doubt, it surly got it! Nectarine is more subdued in comparison with Tangerine Tango.  In my opinion, Tangerine Tango had some reddish undertone, Nectarine is more „washed out”. Nevertheless, still being a very lively color, Nectarine it brings in warmth and energy into any space or clothes.

I personally like the combination of orange + white, orange + light blue or orange + gray. Take a look at the runway snapshot from Rebecca Taylor’s show: the orange mini skirt looks so modern paired with the light blue jacket. When it comes to interiors, the idea of painting a back wall of a book cabinet is just genius. And if you get bored, you can just repaint it easily in different color, depending on your mood.

Are you fan of orange? Is it „i love it” or „no way” option for you? Let me know!

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