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Designing a home office for two

Hello! How are you all doing? I must admit, that January has not been the most productive month for me when it comes to blogging. I guess, we all have times when we need to slow down a little in order to pick up wind in the wings.The last few weeks have been like this for me, I needed to step back in order to move forward. In that quiet time, I came up with a few new ideas, as well I feel more motivated to continue my blogging adventure within nice and nicer!

In the last days, I also made decision to redesign our home office. My husband works more and more from home, so we need two desks and nice environment to work effectively. Until now, one of us worked in the home office, and the other one in the kitchen, but it is not a perfect solution in a long run. And, of course, what is more motivating than doing some redesign?!

As always, there are numerous styles to choose from. In the first step, I chose 5 different work spaces to look for details that speak to me and could be adopted in my own home office. Actually, these details can make each room interesting, be it living room, kitchen or bedroom. Take a look at the pictures, maybe you will find something inspiring for your own home?

What do you like most about these rooms?  Do you have any suggestions for designing a home based work space for a couple?

//photos: 1. Pottery Barn, 2. The Globe and Mail, design by Kelly Deck Design, 3.unknown, 4. Houzz, design by Martha O’Hara Interiors, 5. Patrick Cline for Lonny May/June 2011//

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  1. I thought I would have to choose between 1st and 2nd picture but when I scroll down to the 4th I just fell in love. This is my place.

  2. They are all gorgeous rooms, it is a hard choice! That is why in the first place I just focused on choosing certain decorative accents, which I can incorporate in our place, playing with the things we already own plus anything new that we are going to ad.

  3. Hey Rincy! Thank you for the link to Jenny’s blog. I am going to get inspired by her ideas, too. Happy February, hope you are well! I am better now, I think with spring coming closer and closer and the home office renovation that we planned, I am more motivated to do different things :) . Are you going to London in March?


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