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Found around: The Tea Bar in Amsterdam


I am a big lover of tea, so each trip to Amsterdam is marked with a visit to The Tea Bar, a lovely tea shop and tea café.

What makes The Tea Bar so special for me are three things. First of all, the shop offers a great variety of teas to choose from. There are traditional black teas, green teas and many fruit teas. My personal favorite? Amsterdam Blend! I fell in love with this tea right from the beginning and I think that this tea makes a great gift, too (I am drinking my cup of Amsterdam Blend just as I am writing this post!).

tea bar3

Secondly, The Tea Bar operates according to the serve yourself principle, meaning that you have the opportunity to choose tea by yourself from a raw of transparent boxes. You just pick a small bag, which you fill in with the tea of your choice. This way you have all the time you need to choose teas that you like the most, judging by the smell and the content. It is very relaxing to be able to slowly go from one container to another, without other people waiting in queue. I also have to admit, there is something exciting about filling those little paper bags!


In addition to tea, The Tea Bar offers selection of tea-related accessories, ranging from boxes to pots. I spotted these tea boxes and I just love the summery colors!



The third thing that I like about The Tea Bar would be the opportunity to taste tea in the store’s café. Just a few steps above the actual shop, there is a cozy space with a round table and some armchairs, where you can enjoy a cup of tea. They also have a great variety of magazines!



The Tea Bar is located at Haarlemmerdijk 71, 1013 KC Amsterdam. You can also purchase teas and accessories online.

//photo credits: Magda for nice&nicer//

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