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From nice to nicer: eight styling tips for creating ‚wow’ vignettes

Hello! Not too long ago I had an opportunity to participate in a very well run interior styling e-course with Justina Blakeney, a very talented stylist, blogger and book author. I had a lot of fun applying Justina’s advice in my home and would like to share with you the results of my three styling: coffee table, shelf in a kitchen and console.

You might be wondering if there are any magic rules for styling nice vignettes. And the answer is yes, there are indeed some basic rules of design that help to achieve nice styling results. In fact, you can design a whole room or just one small corner according to these principles. So what should you pay attention to if you want to style like a pro? Let’s see!

eight rules for nice styling

1. Texture – include smooth and rough textured objects for variety. Think: glass, wood, stone, wicker, wool.

2. Color – the use consistent color scheme that goes well with the rest of your space. Pull some colors from your general color scheme for cohesive look.

3. Pattern – use geometric or floral pattern to introduce some more visual interest. Patterns can bring more fun into your styling.

4. Shape – your pretty vignette should include objects of different shapes. Therefore, make sure that you have elements with rectangular, triangular and circular qualities. Variety is again the key word!

5. Size – just like with shapes, vary the size of the objects, as this helps to created balanced vignette. A big lamp on a table may be counterbalanced by a set of 3 smaller vases.

6. Shine -shiny elements draw attention and give this „extra something”. Glass, metal and shiny ceramic surfaces will do the trick.

7. Botanicals – including „live” elements like flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables (!) breathes life into your design. In addition, botanicals are great for varying textures.

8. Power of 3s – have you ever heard of this rule? Well, in styling, it means that three objects placed next to each other make huge visual impact. Just to remember, these objects do not have to be the same!

Additionally, you should not forget about functionality of the space/part of the space and the need it is meant to fulfill (storage or display? relaxing or working? etc).

The function of the coffee table is display/store small things. Finally, it is not cluttered with too many books and I like the color scheme, too!

coffee table styling (1) coffee table styling (2) coffee table stylingMy console/credenza had no styling prior to this exercise :) . I learned a lot trying to achieve satisfying result! I think I rearranged everything about 20 times.

console styling (1)console stylingconsole styling (2)The shelf above the stove is just for displaying things. Before, it was cluttered with different items, and I was putting there small items that were in a way. I like the final look!

shelf styling (3) shelf styling (2) Shelf stylingI will be happy to hear what you think about my vignettes!

//photos: Magda for nice&nicer //

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