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Christmas photoshooting with my silver owl

styling with owlI love owls! Seeing their huge eyes make me totally happy and, if I could, I would just adopt a little cute baby owl as a pet (I know, I know, they are better off living in the wildness). Therefore, I was very happy to find an owl Christmas ornament when I visited Hannover for the Blogging Your Way Workshop with Holly Becker and Steffi Luxat.

Before we arrived, Holly had sent us a list of shops she thought were interesting and worth visiting. When I arrived in Hannover on Friday, I did not waste much time and made myself on the way to explore Hannover’s shopping paradise :) . One of the shops that I came across was Esplanade, which I can describe by quoting Holly: „Beautiful home shop – highly recommend – great things!”. This is really no exaggeration, because Esplanade was one of the shops in which I spent most of the time that afternoon. It offers a great mixture of vintage and modern decor articles and small furniture and it was nicely decorated for Christmas.

Seeing this beautiful silver owl among other ornaments left me with no choice :) . In less than a minute it was already in my posession and on the way back to the hotel. Today, I decided to use my olw as a model during my little Christmas photoshooting at home. The inspiration for the photoshooting came from the Blogging Your Way Workshop, where we also spent some time mastering styling skills. Thank you Holly, Steffi and Thorsten (Holly’s husband) for great styling and photography tips! I really enjoyed experimenting with the vignettes today and will surly post more of my pictures in the future.  For now, enjoy my first Xmas photos!

styling with owl (1) styling with owl (2) styling with owl (3) styling with owl (4)If you ever visit Hannover you can find the shop Esplanade here: Wedekindplatz 3, 30161 Hannover.

//photo credits: Magda for nice&nicer//

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