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Moodboard Challenge: Citrus delight

Hello! Yaay, I am happy to be back blogging on nice&nicer!. In my first post after a looong summer break, I decided to take part in a landscape moodboard challenge organized by Claudia from a lovely design and travel blog Design Claud. The rules of the challenge are very simple. First, you take or choose one of your landscape photos. Secondly, pick the most beautiful colors from the photo and create a color palette. Thirdly, based on your photo and color palette, create a moodboard of your interest!

You might ask, what is so fun about making a moodboard? Well, it is a great way to collect different images that are linked in a certain way. The whole collection becomes a unified source of inspiration. Very often, creating a moodboard helps to define a vision for designing an interior (or a website, graphic, logo, clothes, you name it!). It is a one place, where different images that appeal to us meet and become like a beacon in the design process.

My landscape photo is in fact a tiny part of a bigger picture. However, I liked the colors so much that I decided to take the cropped version. I took this picture of lemons in Lisbon in summer of 2011. The color palette that I created based on the image is very juicy! I like the combination of yellow, green and blue, with some touches of orange. It is a very vivid color combination and I was really curious how this scheme will be mirrored in my moodboard. I also wanted to stay organic with regard to forms and shapes. The goal of creating my moodboard was to capture the feeling of an exotic summer garden.


As you can see, interiors and accessories in in this color scheme are full of life and engery. They shout “summer”  from far away. When I look at the moodboard right now, I see many organic elements, like shapes, patterns and textures.


It was a great creative exercise and I enjoyed it a lot! If you are interesting in taking part in Claudia’s challenge, stop by at her website for more details. But hurry up, the deadline is tomorrow!

//photo credits: Lemon tree image & color palette – Magda; 1.Style at home, 2. Dahlilafound, 3.Marimekko Unikko Mug  ,4. unknown, 5. Batik by Timeless Treasures

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  1. Hi Magda, i’m sorry my response is so late but I hadn’t had the change to visit your website because we had very bad wifi’s lately in Malaysia. I really love your mood board and I’m so glad that I’ve got my first player without noticing before :-) Thank you sooo much for joining! Really hope to see you next month again!

    • Yes, I would love to take part in future moodboard challenges! Looking forward to it :) . Just mail me a reminder. Have a great time on your adventures, I have been enjoying reading your blog!


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