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Trend scouting at imm cologne 2013 – part two

Hello friends! Today I would love to present you second part of imm cologne trends that I spotted at the fair. Let’s take a look of what furnishing companies are into!

  • Natural materials – the trend towards using natural materials in home furnishing and accessories continues. I saw many products made out of wood, wool and linen, bamboos, leather or wicker. There were even cushions covered in fabric in stone or wood look! My favorite product that I spotted was a large bag made out of wood and leather, which could serve as a storage for magazines or other things (photo 1.). It would just look so great next to the couch or bed!

1.Riva1920, 2.Trade Point, 3.Luiz, 4.unseen products, 5.Gervasoni, 6.Lio Design

  • 3D structures – on carpets, as textiles, as tiles, on glass, as wall paneling, inside or outside – the 3D surface products were hard to miss. When I saw the beautiful carpets with 3D floral motive, I instantly fell in love with them. The play of light and shadows was just so decorative, that no additional color was needed. I love this trend, since it allows to add interesting accents that change their look depending on light.

1.Christian Fishbach, 2.aparici, 3.Kartell, 4.Vartian, 5.nya nordiska, 6.Apavisa

  • Bold colors- colors make me happy, so this trend is just right for me :) . The beautiful magenta  lampshades, or the orange vase, or the colorful chairs – I could take you straight to my apartment! The neon trend, which was already very big in 2012, continues in 2013. Right so!

1.unknown, 2.Hey Sign, 3.Lio Design, 4.Softline, 5&6.Tenzo

Which of the three trends is for you? I would love to hear your opinion :) .

//photo credits: Magda for nice&nicer//

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    • Thank you Louise, I took 1000s of pictures and it was a lot of fun talking to different companies. I will most likely write one or two more posts about my observations at imm.


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